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Gaining Strength During Tough Seasons!

I wish I could tell you that everything has been running smoothly but that just isn’t reality here in Ethiopia! Can I tell you that this season of my life & ministry has been one of the toughest to date. But I’m not really shocked. The enemy hates what we are doing & accomplishing here in southern Ethiopia & he tries his best to distract & harm us. Satan has attacked my vehicle, my teammates, my family members & my own life and most recently my wallet! He’s afraid of what the future holds with God on our side! Let him shake! Because great things are in store for the kingdom! Praise the Lord that the God that keeps us does not slumber as Psalm 121:3 says! He is aware of all things & continues to keep me strong.

Some of our very first Kara tribe Christians are now translating the Bible into their mother tongue. Can you believe they did not have a written language until just recently! This is why we told oral bible stories to them. When I sat down with 3 of our young Kara Christians working on the translation project they told me that I should see this as fruit of my labor. They said when you told us about Jesus you changed our lives. We came to know Him & serve him because you cared enough to tell us. I cannot adequately describe how I felt that day. My young friends now making an impact for the kingdom of God & for future generations of Kara people.

Lowren – Kara Christian
Zeno & Zele – Kara Christians


Thanks be to God! Despite the opposition the gospel will go forward! Amen!

Our Ethiopian Assemblies of God Bible College will hold it’s graduation at the end of this month. We are excited to celebrate our future pastors, missionaries, evangelists etc. They will be the future world changers here in Ethiopia & beyond. God is doing great things!

Please pray with me as my wallet was stolen this past week. It had many important ID’s & bank cards in it. But praise be to God I still have my life! God will replace what the enemy tries to steal…AMEN!

Thank you for praying for the work in Ethiopia & for your sacrificial giving to this mission. You are an integral part of this team! They get to know Him because you pray & give!

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Blessings Friends!




  • Susan on May 20, 2019

    We will cover you in prayer thatbthe Lord will restore what belongs to you
    Love and prayers
    For LCF NJ

    • Carrie Johnson on February 19, 2021

      Thank you Susan & LCF! God is faithful!