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A Passion for Unreached People

It seems like yesterday I was preparing to explore East Africa to find the next place I would serve in. As I had mentioned at the beginning of 2020 the unstable, violent environment in Ethiopia, where I lived, had escalated & it became unsafe for me to continue serving there. Which ultimately led me to search for new place to serve. And then this thing called covid-19 hit our world. Do you remember where you were? Do remember the worldwide shutdowns?

I sure do! I had returned to Calfornia for a 2 week vacation with family & I received word that Ethiopia had closed it’s border. I felt like I had landed on Giligan’s Island & my 3 hour tour(my 2 week vacation) was not going to end in me returning to Ethiopia! And I was right Ethiopia kept it’s border shut for 6 months. I eventually returned & was able to pack up things & say my goodbyes before my missionary term ended in December 2020.

We truly never know what a day will bring do we? But during that 6 months God revived in me the passion I have for the Unreached People of this world. Still 30% of the world’s population waits to hear the good news of the gospel message. Still they deserve that chance to hear the gospel & respond to Jesus with resounding YES! I’m convinced that I will use my life to champion this cause.

 I am moving forward now! I have been communicating with my Africa leadership & with my local church leadership about opportunities with Unreached Peoples. I’m excited about the future & the potential to grow the Kingdom of God. I cannot thank you enough for your continued prayers & the generous support you have given me. A wise friend told me once that “if it’s God’s will then it’s God’s bill”. You, God’s family,  have proven to this former biomedical engineer that when God asks you to step out & serve him full-time that you will never lack what you need to accomplish his will on earth because his people will back him up! 

I’m home to itinerate & hope to connect with you! And I also hope to make a big announcement soon concerning my future endeavors! Let me know if I can serve your church or small groups while I’m here. 

To God Be The Glory,



  • Dennis Schreiber on February 19, 2021

    Praying for you, Carrie! We know God has something great and powerful ahead for you! Hope to connect while you’re hanging out in CA!

    • Carrie Johnson on February 19, 2021

      Thank you Pastor Dennis! I will contact you so we can chat!