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Something New on the Horizon!

Something new is coming but I’m not sure what it is yet! Due to the conflict & ethnic unrest in southern Ethiopia where I was living I have now relocated to a safer region of Ethiopia. Praise the Lord that he has kept me safe through it all! Although this move was much needed it has closed some doors for ministry in this region. A region I have loved for the last 9 years! I’m now exploring new places to minister with the help of my East Africa leadership. As many of you know our mission, the Assemblies of God World Missions serves all over the world so the possibilities are endless! I’m asking for your prayers as I contemplate the next move & where I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to serve. The next several months will be difficult as I wrap up life here in Ethiopia & make a transition to a new country. I feel sadness but also great hope for the future. I value your partnership & prayers  & I will continue to need them going forward! 

We just celebrated Ethiopian Christmas & I had the opportunity to share at one of our local churches on Christmas Eve. It was fun to celebrate with my Ethiopian brothers & sisters in Addis Ababa this year!

Speaking at Sedist Kilo Church

Sedist Kilo Assemblies of God Church, Addis Ababa

Although this church is large & beautiful, the locations where I labor in the south we work on a much smaller scale! Just recently in an oromo area I stopped to see a small church plant, a part of our Ethiopian Assemblies of God churches….what a difference between the two!

Assemblies of God church in a small oromo village

I had the opportunity to give some much needed supplies to one of our young Maale Tribe missionaries, Kebrewm. He had a small list of needs which the Lord layed on my heart to give to him! One of those needs included solar panels to charge lights & a cell phone. Where he lives there is no electricity! So charging a cell phone or having light in the darkness is impossible without the help of solar power! Needless to say he was ecstatic to receive the solar panels.  This young church planter walks in the darkness to the small villages surrounding his home & beyond to share the gospel. What a joy it is to resource someone like him!

Abraham explaining to Kebrewm how to use the solar panels in Maale

Around the New Year I was fortunate to spend time with fellow missionaries & visit the new Unity Park in Addis Ababa. Unity Park is essentially the palace grounds where the Prime Minister lives. This park was opened to the public so all Ethiopians & foreign visitors could see the old palace buildings, etc. It even houses some black lions! It is truly a mix of modern & historical experiences. Ethiopia is rich in history & folklore!

Unity Park with friends

old palace

Life is rapidly changing here on the misison field! I thank each one of you for standing by me during this transition. I was prompted by the Lord to serve in Ethiopia 9 years ago and I know he will guide me to the next country he needs me to serve in. Of that I am sure! 




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  • Forest hmHagood on January 27, 2020

    Certain areas of the 5 East African countries are becoming more difficult for Christians to work in. I am returning to Uganda April 22 to hold numerous pastors conferences. May not make it to Kenya, not sure.