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Christmas in June!

I must admit I am not as patient as I would like to be! But this last season from covid to my mission term ending in Ethiopia to coming back to California I have known things would look different but I was waiting for God to show me how. I have been anxious at times because I was to return to the US to itinerate not knowing if I would be able to return to Ethiopia or I might be serving in another country altogether. And how would I ask people to stand with me if I didn’t know where I was going yet?? But not to worry God already had a plan! No matter what country I will serve in, in the future, God has a plan for right now! And it is good!

Much to my relief when I arrived back to California it appeared that my support was strong & I did not need to itinerate like I normally do to raise support. This is really a testimony to God’s faithfulness & YOU (my backbone, my supporters, my prayer partners). This has given me an opportunity to do something productive & intentional while I am home on furlough. I am grateful for God being so strategic in how He has laid out this plan.

The Assemblies of God World Missions, our Southern California Assemblies of God Network & City Serve have goals to see more missionaries raised up to serve among Unreached People Groups. As of now AGWM has assigned me to work with the mobilization & advocacy department! I am still an AGWM Africa missionary now helping to mobilize more missionaries to the mission field & to advocate for UPG’s (Unreached People Groups) while I am in the states. I still get to serve our mission, organization & our churches while home!

City Serve exists to serve the local church in 10 specific areas; The Hungry, The Orphan, The Widow, The Poor, The Addicted, The Exploited, The Vulnerable, The Prisoner, The Unreached & Israel. I will help lead the area of The Unreached! Through the City Serve Network I will help resource our churches with effective evangelism courses, vision trips, educational resources, help our churches bridge the gap with the foreigners who live among us, help mobilize more people into missions with UPG’s overseas and advocate for UPG’s. 

I’m excited to see the big “C” , The CHURCH, fulfill the great commission! It’s better than a present on Christmas day knowing I can be a small part of helping mobilize harvest workers to come labor in the domestic & foreign fields where they are ready for harvesting. This gospel is meant to be powerful & effective from our neighborhoods to the nations! Please contact me if you would like more information on how I can resource your church! 

I am excited to accept this short term assignment while home & looking forward to connecting with you. I pray the Lord strengthen your hands for the work ahead.