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Christmas in June!

I must admit I am not as patient as I would like to be! But this last season from covid to my mission term ending in Ethiopia to coming back to California I have known things would look different but I was waiting for God to show me how. I have been anxious at times […]

March Missionary Madness!

We’ve got our own kind of March Madness going on this month. Miss Monica Ornelas & I are trying to raise our missionary budgets to get to Ethiopia! We are traveling to different churches each week & sharing our testimonies with children and adults. Even though we get physically exhausted we never tire of telling […]

President Who?

  TODAY’S NEWS What a day! On many levels. But thank God nothing happens without his notice or knowledge. Not even who wins this election! Oh but that’s another subject! On a lighter note Breast Cancer Awareness month just ended. As you can imagine I got pulled into many activities to help promote early detection […]

Sweet Suffering

As we consider the sacrifice and the suffering that many American men and women endured to uphold our country’s freedoms it seems only fitting to look to the one who took it upon himself to make the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus Christ. Just yesterday we remembered our service men and women. But everyday we can converse […]