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Holy M-o-l-e!

Holy Mole! Look what lives in my backyard!

Hippo in Lake Hawassa

Hippo in my backyard


This giant creature makes it’s home in Lake Hawassa. The lake just happens to be my backyard here in Ethiopia. So I guess you could say we are neighbors. But not the type that you borrow a cup of sugar from!

Lots of things have happened since I returned to Ethiopia in late December of 2017. My new home is in the capitol city of the South Omo Zone. The south is where we are laboring to make Christ known among all people groups. I have had the privelege to travel with our national church leadership, mainly Pastor Binyam to preach & teach future pastors, missionaries and church planters. Pastor Binyam leads all missions and church planting for the Ethiopian Gubae Egzibaher(Ethiopian Assemblies of God). The vision of the church is to see Ethiopian missionaries raised up & sent out into Ethiopia and beyond. And we are 100% on board with that dream!

Preaching w/Pastor Binyam

Drum set at Arba Minch Church


We have been in meetings to establish the very first missions school that will equip future missionaries to fulfill the call God has given them. Ziway is the first missions school site & we are dreaming to launch in a town called Arba Minch as well. Please keep these plans in your prayers as we partner together to advance the Kingdom of God.

God is growing & expanding his church in Ethiopia. Recently we got to spend time with Pastor Mohammed in Arba Minch. One small church that is bursting with desire to reach the lost. It also happens to be bursting beyond it’s seating capacity! The next time you see a mosque or meet a muslim follower would you pray for Pastor Mohammed & his church? That they would reach their city & they would be able to purchase a bigger piece of property to house their growing church and ministries.

Pastor Mohammed

Arba Minch Church


About 42 kilometers outside of Arba Minch, in the South Omo Zone is a town called M-O-L-E. I was not prepared to see what I did when I arrived. You can pass through the town in a blink of an eye but boy was there so much more than that! I met the pastor on the side of the road & followed him via motorbike to the church. The church was completely full of people. Hundreds of people giving their all in worship. A packed house! In this tiny village town God had spoke to a young banana farmer to plant the church! A banana farmer with a wife & 5 children! He is a successful farmer & to this very day he works it with his employees & pastors the church. He took us out to visit his farm after church & we enjoyed some of the regions best bananas that day. The next time you eat a banana can you pray for Pastor Isaiah. Pray that his church would be instrumental in sending out missionaries to the southern omo nations! This region is known for having the best bananas in the country but instead let’s pray they would become famous for the great revival of souls taking place!

Mole Church Sunday morning worship

Leaders of Mole Church in the Pastor’s banana farm


Remember in Luke 5 where Jesus calls Simon Peter out of his profession of being a fisherman and tells him he will now be a fisher of men? This photo I captured here at lake Hawassa of some fishermen reminded me of this great moment in Luke 5. Jesus tells us even now cast out your net for a catch. And the truth is just like Simon Peter we have no idea what we might catch. But Jesus does. On our own we don’t bring in the big haul but with Jesus the catch will be tremendous. Our life is the net. Jesus calls us to cast it out. Even when we don’t see how or why. Simply because He says so we obey. He will see to it that our life cast out will touch many other lives. Who will be under your net? Will it be your neighbor, your co-worker, your own flesh & blood? Be encouraged today to be a fisher of men.


fishermen in Lake Hawassa

Thank you for your faithful prayers & financial support! Together we are reaching the lost in Ethiopia.


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